Leaving Another Footprint...
Leaving Another Footprint...
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   Subway Line 6 : Noksapyeong
   Noksapyeong Station resembles an art museum more than a subway station with its famous glass dome ceiling, glass staircase and interior embellished with murals. It is commodious, and the glass ceiling lets in the light from above, giving the place a bright atmosphere. Noksapyeong also has a separate gallery with frequently changing free exhibitions that are open all year around.
   Noksapyeong Station is also well known for its restrooms. The restrooms are famous for their red interior and modern design. The washstands are long and narrow and each stall has a red door attached to the metallic walls. The restrooms in Noksapyeong received a "Beautiful Restroom Award" in 2004.
   Subway Line 7: Ttukseom Resort
   Near Ttukseom Station is Ttukseom Resort that attracts people with its great views of the Han River. "I come here when I am stressed,?says Kim Hyun-sung (Konkuk University, 1). "The cool breeze from the river seems to blow my worries away."
Ttukseom Resort also has a park, a track for jogging and cycling, and a roller skating rink. You can rent bicycles for 3,000 won per hour. Recently the construction of a wall fountain and an artificial rock climbing wall were completed.
   The Han River is especially beautiful at sunset. And if you get hungry, try the restaurant, the Levee Crab, which is near exit 1 of Ttukseom Station. It is popular for its crab-and-chicken soup, and steamed crab-and-octopus.
   Subway Line 8: The Amsa Prehistoric Site
   Near Amsa Station is the Amsa Prehistoric Site, the biggest settlement from the Neolithic Age that has been excavated in Korea. The site is preserved to look as it did in prehistoric times: trees and shrubs run wild, roads are unpaved, and there is a replicated hut where tourists can have a "hands-on experience" of the Neolithic period.
   Also, there are two exhibition halls with ancient pottery, weapons and other artifacts as well as miniature models of prehistoric sites and people. The site is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The admission fee is 500 won per person.

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