[Tenny's Architectural Reminiscence]Morris Hall; One of Ewha' Oldest yet Bus
[Tenny's Architectural Reminiscence]Morris Hall; One of Ewha' Oldest yet Bus
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   Morris Hall is not a familiar name to most of Ewha students, although they would immediately nod their heads if you said its name, "Gajeongguan," in Korean.
Many people also get confused by the building's name because the two basement floors are called by a different name: the Alumnae Center. There are two different names because the Alumnae Center was built from funds donated by the Alumnae Association before Harriet Morris gave her request to expand the building to its current size.
   Morris Hall was built in 1977. It is six stories high (excluding the two base floors) and 2,538.77 pyeong wide. It is made of ferroconcrete and has a flat roof. This building was named after Harriett Morris who donated a large sum of money to build the structure. Ever since the building was completed, it has housed the Division of Human Ecology. The building also houses a library holding 2,300 books and a material room for dress and its ornaments, though not many students visit these rooms.
   One of the unique aspects of the building is that it has ramps in place of stair on the West end. These ramps can be slippery, but they make it easy to run to late classes and are beneficial for weak knee joints. Morris Hall was the first building to install elevators.
   In the Alumnae Center area of the building is where most Ewha students are familiar with due to the services provided; there is a book store, a photo shop, a computer room, and a student restaurant, all on the B2 floor. The school staff restaurant, a post office, a small convenience store, the student health center, a glasses shop, a music store and another computer room are all located on the B1 floor.
   Although not so many students utilize Morris Hall, it still is a big part of Ewha tradition as it supports one of Ewha's oldest colleges, Human Ecology.

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