Baseball's "Trust Manager," Kim In-sik
Baseball's "Trust Manager," Kim In-sik
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▲ [Photo by Lee Eun-a]Manager Kim In-sik (2006 WBC Korea team, Hanwha Eagles club)

   After the Korean team's vigorous performance at the 2006 World Baseball Classic (WBC), Korean baseball wasn't only talked about at Ewha, it was talked about everywhere. The WBC lit a patriotic flame within every Korean's heart, regardless of their age or gender.
   On the way to a 2-1 victory in a beautifully pitched game on March 16 night at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Korea's unbeaten squad celebrated like never before. At least on that day, Korea was the best team in the world. However, in the midst of this excited crowd, one man stood looking simply calm and relieved. He was Kim In-sik (58), the Korea team manager who led both players and coaches through his "trust management." At the center of Korea's unexpected record at WBC, was Kim's solid trust in the team.
   Now that the Korean professional baseball series has begun, Kim is back in Korea as the manager of the Hanwha Eagles club. About two hours before the match between LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium on April 11, Kim was sitting cross-armed on the bench watching keenly as his players warmed up. Although his eyes are as sharp as those of a real eagle's, he has been careful of his health ever since his stroke one year and four months ago. He says he would not be where he is right now if it had not been for daily exercises and prayers.
   Just as he has grasped one more opportunity for life himself, Kim is renowned for giving one more hope to those players who were pushed from the mainstream. These players feel that Kim trusts them more than anybody, and with this "trust management,"he has been able to rediscover neglected players?potential and save faltering players.
   Kim explains his team's performance at the WBC as another extension of this trust. ?ll I said to the team at our first meeting was just use your common sense and return to the hotel on time. Basically, I told them to be themselves." Kim does not like to let the players react to every word he says, but prefers to let them make their own optimal choices after the opportunity and freedom to do so is given to them.
   He adds that the joy felt by players who had missed the chance for the ?eep joke" and camaraderie shared between people speaking the same language, such as Park Chan-ho (San Diego Padres) and Choi Hee-seop (Boston Red Sox), strengthened the bond between the team members. "The reason we were all happy with the result, although we were not the winners, is that we played every game based on strong teamwork thanks to the players becoming so close and bonded to each other." Kim is noted for a mysterious poker face, which never changes regardless of the situation. But, says Kim, "Just like everyone else I am also happy when my team wins and I do try to look happy. Did I not look happy in the screen." It seems like he was happy after all, but we, the audience, may not have seen deeply through to his heart.
   Kim also made remarks that could make young women feel more attached to his profession. He said that after his retirement, he plans to cultivate little leagues and, if possible, a women's softball team as well. "Softball rules are just a little different from those of baseball. And since there is a great possibility it will be in the next Olympics, I'm interested in being a part of it too."

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아자!Hustle Doo! 2006-05-01 23:28:09
First of all, thanks for your glorious writing.
I don't know that you know baseball or not, but I'm sure that
you made big efforts in interviewing my No.1 manager Kim.
I'm his fan because his baseball is "The most strong impression" itself.
Although he isn't the manager of Doosan baseball club now, I'm still his fan
because thanks to his "Trust management" my team Doosan could be the champion
in the year 1995 and 2001. I can't and I won't forget about that.
I bet Kim is, and Kim will be the best Manager forever.
김인식 감독님 힘내세요!!! ^^