[Specialist's Insight ] Everyone Can Fly, Only the Best Can SOAR
[Specialist's Insight ] Everyone Can Fly, Only the Best Can SOAR
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   Life as a cabin crew is slightly more challenging than it may seem. People may think that what we, the cabin crew, do is to simply serve passengers with finesse, being presentable and cheerful to make passengers trip as memorable as possible. Yes, correct! But that is only small, tiny part of what we are here for! To be the best service provider, which means to go far beyond, we show our excellency by performing as safety leaders on all flights, obtaining product knowledge, and knowing our passengers.
When airline industry is concerned, safety always comes first. Let's say we have 375 passengers onboard on a  jumbo aircraft B747 which can carry a maximum of 375 passengers, 44.6 tons of cargo, plus 17 cabin crews, and two pilots. If there is a drunken or unruly passenger, or a terriorist, the lives of 394 passengers is on our hands. We cannot call the police  35,000 feet above the ground neither can drop him off in the middle of the ocean. If anything like that happens on your flight, do not worry! We are trained. It is a must to all crews to take Martial Arts courses when off duty. If we fail the test, we cannot fly. Simple as that. That is how much you're safety comes first to us.
   Cabin crew must show professionalism by knowing exactly what we are serving onboard. We must have knowledge on types of wine, champagne, and the food that goes well with the wine and complements travellers' tastes. In Business class where we present two white wines, two red wines and one champagne, cocktails, and various types of liquor, a traveller will be pleased if we are able to recommend whether his pan roasted beef fillet will go along very well with French Shiraz, Thai style perch fillet curry with Californian Lockwood Chardonnay, or cheese with a glass of Port.
   This may seem subtle and unnecessary but this is the way to show our sincerity, passion, and touch of finesse. With all the knowledge we gained after endless training and by the willingness to learn, now we are able to serve you with a special touch. So yes. Everyone can fly, but only the best can SOAR.
See you onboard!

by Choi Na-rae (English Lang. & Lit., '03) Cabin crew of Singapore Airlines

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