President Of Brown University Receives Honorary Doctorate
President Of Brown University Receives Honorary Doctorate
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Dr. Ruth J. Simmons, president of Brown University, received an honorary doctoral degree from Ewha on October 18.
Dr. Simmons has been highly acclaimed as the first African-American to become president of an Ivy League school since she took office at Brown University in 2001.
Dr. Simmons received her master"s degree in Romance Languages and Literatures from Harvard University in 1973, and has also served as Vice Provost at Princeton University and as President of Smith College.
Ewha awarded Dr. Simmons with the honorary doctorate for her outstanding leadership in defending the rights of women and minorities of American society and her prominent accomplishments as a scholar. Dr. Simmons has been a much respected figure and role model around the world.
After Ewha President Shin In-ryung"s congratulatory speech welcoming Dr. Simmons to Ewha, Dr. Simmons gave an acceptance speech on "Women"s Education in a New Millenium."
"I believe that the best policy in women"s education is to learn well and to learn broadly, said Dr. Simmons.
And to all members of Ewha, Dr. Simmons said, "I urge this university to carry its mission forward in such a way that women will be broadly educated to help freedom, justice, cooperation, and hope thrive."

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