Meet the Hollywoodian Inspiration-The Muse!
Meet the Hollywoodian Inspiration-The Muse!
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In Greek mythology, the muses are goddesses and the very daughters of Zeus, who are said to have inspired creativity in men.
According to Hollywood director Albert Brooks, men such as Martin Scorcese, James Cameron and Rob Reiner.
The Muse centers around Phillips (the director himself), a neurotic and middle-aged Hollywood screen writer who has just lost his contract with Paramount because he no longer has the "edge" to write. Apprehensive of his slipping career, Phillips visits his friend Jack Werrik (Jeff Bridges) who is enjoying much of the success that he is losing. Jack advises Phillip to meet Sarah, who, according to the Hollywood scheme of directors and screen writers, happens to be a Muse.
Yet, the Muse does not hand out her artistic aspirations without a price. Phillips realizes what he has gotten himself into, as Sarah begins to demand a suite at the Four Seasons Hotel, a limousine and eventually to move in with Phillips" family ­ only to wreak havoc in his home.
Sarah is played by actress Sharon Stone, who pulls her role off surprisingly well with a charm and humor that the viewers could hardly imagine coming from her, considering her past notorious roles in movies such as Basic Instinct, or Sliver.
It isn"t hard to see that Sharon Stone enjoyed the role that she was given in this film as she indulges in a character that is utterly lovable.
Busy fulfilling men"s creative aspirations, Sarah struts around with an eccentric hairdo and has an obsession for jewelery from Tiffany & Co. This new version of an extravagant, egocentric and highly capricious "Muse" is a perfect fit for the Hollywoodian feel-good comedy.
Yet, despite this colorful character, the movie in itself is quite dull. There are barely any humorous surprises (except, perhaps when the audience discovers the Muse to be little more than a psychotic patient who has escaped from the psychiatric ward) in the plot, with much of the comical element depending on Sarah harassing Phillip to fulfill her tiring caprices, and Phillip"s struggle with his script and Sarah simulatenously.
The movie is not altogether without a point, however. There is a shrewd observation of the Hollywood movie industry as a business running out of creative minds and really in desperate need of an equivalent of a Muse.
Brooks proves the point through this movie, as it seems the man himself is also badly in need of a Muse of his own.

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