Visible Changes Within the Campus
Visible Changes Within the Campus
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▲ Photo by Kim Ji-sun. Sport Strip, an athletic field, is located right next to the Ewha Museum.
   About one year has passed since the construction of the Ewha Samsung Campus Center (ESCC)  had started, but few changes have been visible within the campus.   According to the Assistant Dean for Financial Affairs Song Seung-yeong, only about 8.3 percent of the entire construction has been done. Meanwhile, construction of a new front gate, athletic field, and a parking lot ramp are soon going to be completed.
   The old front gate was torn down since February and a new gate is under construction. At the site of the original front gate, a wide open space called, the Entry Plaza will be completed by May. The Entry Plaza will function as both a main entrance and a public square. Also, a three-story glass wall called Info Box, which will act as a bulletin board will be placed next to the Entry Plaza.
   Next to the Ewha Museum, the athletic field called the Sport Strip was completed in February. The Sport Strip replaces the role of the University Stadium, which disappeared to make way for the ESCC construction. The Sport Strip includes a running track, a broad jumping site, and a mini soccer field.
   Many students do not yet know what the Sport Strip is. "I am confused about whether it is for students or faculty," said Oh Se-in (Mathematical & Physical Sciences, 1). Song said that all Ewha students are now free to use the Sport Strip, except for the mini soccer field. Since the mini soccer field has been planted with grass seeds, students can use the soccer field by May, when the grass is grown.
   The dreary scenery presented by the ongoing construction has depressed some students. Adding to previous disappointments, most of the trees in the grove in front of the Student Union Building were removed during the winter vacation to make way for the ESCC parking lot ramp. "It was very disappointing to find all the trees gone since I used to take a rest in the woods," said Jung Yeon-hee (French Lang. & Lit., 2). 
   "For now, it looks stark. However, by the end of 2007, when the construction of ESCC is finished, the school will transplant trees to where they can be resettled," said Song.

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