Lift Your Heart with Humor Guidebooks
Lift Your Heart with Humor Guidebooks
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Podium Humor- James C. Humes
   Self-help books, which often rank as best-sellers these days, generally talk about how to manage life efficiently. Above all, humor has gained popularity as a method that can be applied in almost every area: business, relationships, love, and so on. The following are a few selected books that can be used as guidebooks to fill your life abundantly with humor.
   The Healing Power of Humor- Allen Klein
   "In laughter we transcend our predicaments." This opening sentence epitomizes what the author tries to tell in the book. She presents various convincing evidence that attests to the psychological and physiological benefits of humor; while at the same time provides humorous anecdotes and examples that intrigue the readers. Hence, this book might be helpful for people who want to lighten the load of life on daily basis.
   Humor for a Woman's Heart - Various Authors
   Humor has the power to fill one's heart with encouragement and optimism. As the title of this book suggests, it portrays the light side of the joys, challenges, and advantages of being a woman in today's world. This book will offer you laughter and joy when our life seems tough and troubling.
   Podium Humor- James C. Humes
   Even if the content is similar, some speakers's speeches are more absorbing than others. The difference may lie in how entertaining the orator makes his or her speech. This book explains how to use humor effectively in speeches, daily lives, conversations, and in humorous stories. Whatever your goal is in delivering a speech, this book will give you practical, easy-to-follow advice and rich humorous materials for your use. 
   "The Healing Power of Humor," "Humor for a Woman's Heart," and "Podium Humor" are only three of the many available self-help books on humor. Each concentrates on the ways in which humor can enhance one? life and enable one to overcome difficulties in life.

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