University Museum Receives Top Evaluation
University Museum Receives Top Evaluation
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  • 승인 2002.11.06 00:00
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The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced in its annual "2002 National Cultural Institution Administration Evaluation" last month that the Ewha University Museum was selected as the nation"s most outstanding university museum.
The University Museum has been evaluated as the best university museum by the Ministry for three consecutive years since 2000. This year, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the museum was appraised highly for its facilities, exhibition and research, relics conservation, and social education.
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism evaluated a total of 1,210 cultural institutions nationwide including public libraries, museums and galleries, etc. This evaluation was conducted from May to October assessing the 62 categories of document and field evaluation.
The University Museum is currently exhibiting artworks of blind children entitled, "Another Way of Seeing.

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