Alterations At The Centennial Library Completed Safely
Alterations At The Centennial Library Completed Safely
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From mid-July to August 24, the Centennial Library closed down parts of the third floor area on a rotating basis to change light bulbs, ventilating fans, and ceiling boards.

Because the library building was constructed in 1984, it needed renovation. Ventilating fans were functioning poorly, and old ceiling boards had started to fall off. Rooms lighted with 110-volt light bulbs were too dark for reading and needed the welcome change to 220-volt.

Since the number of students visiting the library decreased during the vacation, the renovation took place at this time of the year to be completed just in time for the beginning of the new semester.

The library offered a sign-up sheet for books in those temporarily shut-down areas, and requested that students sign-up only for books they found absolutely necessary. "I come to the library maybe twice a week, and nothing significant bothered me during the renovation," says Song Su-kyoung (Division of Engineering, 1).

Repairing 6,000 pyung (total area of the library) at the same time takes a long period, adding to greater inconvenience for the students, and is financially quite impossible. Thus the school came up with the idea of renovating the library by alternating floors.

The first stage took place last winter vacation, when the fourth floor was temporarily closed down, and this is the second stage of the overall process. The school hopes to continue this work every vacation if possible.

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