[Editorial] March: a Momentous Month
[Editorial] March: a Momentous Month
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  • 승인 2006.03.02 00:00
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  Certain moments in life contain momentum and power. The key is to harness these moments for goal setting. Beginnings such as a new day and a new year all carry such momentum. Hence, for many people, the New Year's resolution has become the last tradition of the holidays, closing off seasonal headaches with a little quiet time and introspection. Despite the many changes each year yields, similar resolutions creep up at the start of every January: be more conscientious about school or work, develop better eating habits, increase exercise, keep an account book, and so on.
  For a few days, weeks or if we are lucky, months, we embrace these fragile hopes. However, despite our good intentions, more often than not, our resolutions do not last.
Luckily since Koreans celebrate both the solar and lunar new year, there is one more chance for us to make a New Year's resolution even if we have failed to keep the first one. However, how many of you today, after two months since the solar New Year's Day and one month since the lunar New Year's Day, are keeping your New Year's resolutions's Maybe not very many. If your resolution has run out of steam at this point, do not despair. As a student, you have the privilege of making one additional resolution this month, a "New School Year Resolution." However, when you are tempted to break your resolution, remind yourself of the days when you desperately wanted to make it and promised yourself that you would always be diligent and devoted to keeping it when the chance was given to you.
  As an illustration, those who aspired to become Ewha students during high school or those who wished to get a particular job may have pledged during their interviews to become the most passionate and dedicated student or employee ever. Yet, once they achieved that goal and adjusted to their new environment, many of those people have forgotten the pledge they had made when they were rookies and found themselves trying to evade hard work, while at the same time, demanding more rewards. Yet these are never the happiest students or the most successful employees.
  But if, by the end of March, you have not kept your resolutions, do not feel totally discouraged. Finishes and ends can carry momentum too. According to the myth of the phoenix, after every lifespan of five to six hundred years, the beautiful phoenix would burn itself at the stake. Out of the ashes, it would later rise again, reborn. In a like manner, we can regenerate ourselves out of the ashes of our resolutions and make the end of the month a springboard for another change.

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