Helpful and Unique Courses You Will Never Forget
Helpful and Unique Courses You Will Never Forget
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▲ Photo by Kim Ji-sunIn "Understanding and Practicing Self-defense" class, students practice not only how to protect themselves but also how learn to conquer their unconscious fears.

   These days, skills which are directly applicable to real life are gaining more attention from college students. Many students are focusing on subjects such as computer science or foreign languages. Some others tend to learn dancing or singing to reduce their stress. To reflect students?interests, the school is widening its course offerings. From many practical courses, the Ewha Voice picked three courses to focus on.

   ◆Understanding and Practicing Self-defense
   Since most women are physically weak compared to men, they need to be prepared to protect themselves with their own strength. However, to do so is not easy unless they learn how to cope with dangerous situations.
   Taking the class ?nderstanding and Practicing the Self-defense?can be useful way to learn such skills. Professor Oh Ki-sung (Human Movement & Performance), who teaches the class, said that he was worried about women? physical weaknesses and unconscious fears. He started the class to improve women? defense skills and help them overcome their fears. His class includes both lectures and practice time. Students can also learn first-aid treatment and artificial respiration. Ha Ra-hyun (Korean Lang. & Lit., 2) said, ?t first I was really nervous, because of its intense practices. However, after attending this class, I fear nothing and became more confident. This class provided not only self-defense skills, but also a way to kill fear.?

   Professor Oh said, ?he most important thing when you learn how to defend yourself is that you have to drop fear, and struggle with your feeling of shame. In order to do so, patience and a strong desire to cope with the situation is required.?

   ◆Applying Various Computer Skills
   From now on, all business will soon be operated through computers, and people will need to master computer skills. School is no exception. Many courses require students to use computer programs.
   ?ince students always say that they don? need to learn such skills, asserting that they know the basic functions of the program, students can use them more effectively, after learning the process of some major computer programs,?says Professor Kim Mi-ran (Computer Science & Engineering), who teaches the class ?pplying Various Computer Skills.?In her class, basic PC and website knowledge is basically provided. Also taught in the lecture are Hangul, which is widely used for making reports, PowerPoint, which is an effective tool for presentations, and Excel, which store data and does calculation. ? was unfamiliar with using computers except for Internet surfing, so I had a hard time preparing presentations. However, after taking this class, I became an expert using PowerPoint, and I have gained confidence in using the computer,?said Son Jee-yeon (Medicine, 1).
   ?ithout computer skills, no one will be suited for this society. Therefore, using opportunities provided by the school can be useful for your future career,?said Professor Kim.

   ◆Introduction to Music Therapy
   Nowadays many people live with a lot of stress. And so it is for Ewha students. As years pass by, students become more obsessed with having good grades and employment. For those who suffer from severe stress, Professor Chong Hyun-ju (Education) presents a class called, ?ntroduction to Music Therapy.?In this lecture, Chung provides an overall understanding of music, and helps students understand and feel that healing effect. ?y taking this class, students can learn how to understand, listen to, and appreciate music. Although we are surrounded by music, we don? really know why some kinds of music provide specific feelings or how feelings change when one listens to a certain kind of music. In this class, students can gain basic insights into music, and therefore can listen to music appropriatly for certain situations,?Professor Chong said.
   Park Joo-young (International Studies, 2) said, ?lthough my knowledge of music therapy is yet superficial, I get to know more about music and its overall functions. After attending this class, I got interested in being a music therapist in the future.

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