Competition For Early Admissions Heats Up This Summer
Competition For Early Admissions Heats Up This Summer
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According to the data provided by the Office of Admissions, 2,630 senior high school students applied for the early admissions program this spring semester and 250 students were selected. Of the 325 students who applied for the Division of International Studies (DIS) this summer, only 40 students made it. This marks a 10.1 to 1 odds for gaining admission.

This year"s three most popular choice of majors were Medicine (34 to 1), Elementary Education (27.5 to 1), and Pharmacy (24.7 to 1).
Out of the 250 early admission students and 40 students accepted to the DIS, 253 students, or about 87 percent, have registered to become Ewhaians next year.

This is a seven percent increase from last year. Eight colleges, including the College of Pharmacy and Education have shown a 100 percent student registration.

"This, I believe, is a proof of success for the early admissions program," says Shin Hyo-sook of the Office of Admissions.

Unlike last year, the selected students are not eligible to take the early admissions test again during the fall semester nor any other college entrance examinations this year.

The orientation for the early admitted students took place on July 18 and the DIS orientation took place on August 19 at the LG Convention Hall.

Students also participated in the Leadership Camp that was held for two days from August 26 to 27. This year"s Leadership Camp was planned to help students to familiarize themselves with college life in advance, making their dreams come true at Ewha.

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