Shinsegae Donates New Multi-Purpose Building
Shinsegae Donates New Multi-Purpose Building
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  • 승인 2002.09.04 00:00
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Koo Hak Suh, president & CEO of Shinsegae, visited Ewha on July 10 to attend the signing ceremony for the construction of the Ewha-Shinsegae Hall. The Ewha-Shinsegae Hall will be constructed on the Former Social Welfare Center site and is scheduled to open in 2005.

The building, with two stories below and six above ground, will incorporate high-tech features such as radio LAN and special lecture rooms capable of providing remote image conferencing.

The planned Ewha-Shinsegae Hall will be used in particular for the education and training of prospective women CEOs, and female professionals who want to establish their own venture companies.

The ground breaking ceremony will take place at the end of this year. The total cost of the construction is estimated to be 15 billion won.

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