End To Feminism And Hurray For Men
End To Feminism And Hurray For Men
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Author Of Bestseller Shows Key To Understanding Men
There are many books about marriage relationships between men and women; most of them being about women and their rights, urging women to speak up for themselves and how to divide household chores with the men.
However, a book has appeared that opposes this feminist trend. The book "Women Can"t Hear What Men Don"t Say" by Warren Farrell, indicates that society today is only understood through feminism, which is only another source of prejudice and fixed bias. The book"s intention is to show couples how to overcome the unseen barriers constructed by society, families, and our culture, that hinder women"s communication with men.
The author asks an important question throughout the book; "Can male-bashing be "funny," and female-bashing be "sexist?"" In answering this question, the author gives three major tips.
First, the author asserts that the most important key to a relationship between men and women is communication, and the first step is to understand the opposite sex. And as a way of communication, the author picks criticism as an important case in point. Showing examples of many couples, he points out some tips to give criticism so it can easily be heard, and to listen to criticism so it can easily be given.
In the second part of the book, the author speaks about the prejudice against the role of men. There are various writings on women"s household chores, but not many writings deal with men"s chores. The author presents 54 different household chores that men perform in real life, from cutting the grass to plumbing the toilet, and even protecting the family at night. The author asserts that men do their part. The author also talks about domestic violence, giving statistics about men who are being beaten by their wives.
In the last part, the book mentions the result of male-bashing. Male-bashing is everywhere these days. And even though the matter involves both genders, it is seen only through feminist perspectives.
This book is about how "anti-male" hate has taken over all aspects of our culture. It points out that only women"s feelings have been heard for the past several decades and it is time that the other side, men"s feelings, are heard. Though there are parts where the author tries to justify too much that men are doing their share, the book may be of help to women to hear what men do not say.

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