Business Contests Give Boosts to Careers
Business Contests Give Boosts to Careers
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▲ Photo provided by Cho Min--kyoung.A visit to Japan, courtesy of the LG Challenger Contest.

   People say that it is really hard to get a job these days. Even if a student gets good grades in college, it is still hard for her to attract the attention of a company, unless she has a specialty in a specific technical field. But there is one way to catch the eye of a potential employer: winning a prize in one of the increasing numbers of corporate sponsored contests.
   Contests are largely divided into three categories: thesis contests, advertisement or design contests, and experience contest. These public contests give mutual help to both the sponsoring company and to participants. The company discovers creative ideas for development and potential future employees. Prize winners generally receive from two million to five million won and preferential treatment they apply for internship or employment.
   Here are some details and tips for each type of contest.
   ◆Thesis Contests
   There are various thesis contests. Some of the best known are Samsung Electronics' Human Tech Contest, and Sony Korea's Dreamers Championship Contest. For a thesis contest, it is important to first understand the exact subject and purpose of the contest correctly. Then theses must contain up-to-date and creative ideas.
Han Hye-rim ('02, Graduate School of Business), now working in personnel affairs at Shinsegae Department Store, won first prize in the third Shinsegae Contest. Winning gave her an opportunity to visit China to learn about the product distribution and also, extra points when she applied.
   "The most important thing during the preparation is a strong determination not to give up. To avoid giving up, it's important to set a decent schedule for your thesis. After that, you should think about the special aspects of your idea. To appeal to judges, you should keep in mind that it is the originality of the idea that will make your thesis shine," Han said.
   ◆Advertisement and Product Design Contests
   When students enter advertising contests, they should keep three things in mind: simplicity, interest, and creativity. Following the footsteps of previous advertisements does not give applicants a good score because advertisements must reflect current trends and communicate new messages easily and fast. Sometimes this goal can be accomplished better as a team. Various ideas from many can be better than ideas from just one person. The best known advertising contests are the LG Advertisement Contest and the KT&G Advertisement Contest.
   When it comes to product design, dazzling designs are good; however, the key points are distinctive ideas and practicality. Therefore, applicants should thoroughly research the product they are going to design. Also investigate the sponsor's corporate image and what goals it has for the product. GM Korea's Saab Design Competition, and the Hankook Tire Design Competition are some well- known contests of this type.
   ◆ Experience Contests
   A new trend in the corporate world has been to sponsor contests covering a broad range of experience. Visiting NGOs in other countries, traveling a nation on foot, and doing social service are various forms of experience that have been incorporated into contests. The logic of experience contests is that they give valuable experience to participants and cultivate their ability to work globally while promoting the company's worldwide image.
   LG Global Challenger is the best known contest in this area. Cho Min-kyoung (Television & Film, 2) participated in this contest this summer with three friends, and says they had to begin preparing for the contest about six months before the application date. "LG Global Challenger is really competitive, and it requires continuous effort to do the task. It really takes a lot of time and strength," said Cho. Cho adds, "Aside from the privileges offered by the company, students like me can get a wider vision of the world and discover what they really want to do."

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