Professor Shin In-ryung Assumes Office As Ewha President
Professor Shin In-ryung Assumes Office As Ewha President
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  • 승인 2002.09.04 00:00
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In a ceremony that took place on August 14 at the Kim Young Yi Hall, the university gave a farewell to 11th president Chang Sang, and officially inaugurated Dr. Shin In-ryung (67, Law) of the Department of Law as the 12th university president of Ewha.

During her inaugural address, Dr. Shin mentioned that during the past century, Ewha challenged society and its discrimination against women, and as a result helped women break free of the fixed roles granted to them by society. She also pointed out that the traditional role of college education is to cultivate future leaders, and said she was determined to make Ewha the best education environment possible. At the same time, she asked for participation on and responsibility on the part of Ewha"s student body. To improve the standing of the school, Dr. Shin said, "I will make the utmost use of the opinions of Ewhaians.

Kim Moon-hyun, Dean of the Office of Faculty & Academic Affairs, was the master of ceremony, and many Ewhaians, including members of the Board of Trustees attended. Deputy Prime Minister Lee Sang-joo delivered a congratulatory address at the inauguration ceremony.

After taking her oath of office, President Shin was presented with a university key to the president"s office, a long-standing inauguration ceremony tradition.

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