The Ewha Humanities Center
The Ewha Humanities Center
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  • 승인 2005.11.02 00:00
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   The Ewha Humanities Center is holding a "National Humanities Festival" on Nov. 26 in rm. B153 of the Ewha-POSCO Building from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. It is titled "Humanities Speak of the Reflection on the Development of Media and the Modern Life." Four professors Lyou Chul-gyun (Korean Lang. & Lit.), Hong Seoung-tae (Sangji Univ.), Kim Jung-gwon (Chungang Univ.), and Yun Hye-dong (Seoul National Univ.) will discuss the crisis of humanities in contemporary society. For further information, call (02) 3277-3961.

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