[Contribution] Episodes in Korea that Colored My Life
[Contribution] Episodes in Korea that Colored My Life
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  • 승인 2005.11.02 00:00
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▲ Zhou Ming (Xiamen University, 3)
   In China when I knew it was me who was assigned to experience one year in Ewha, the Korean life often began to come into my dreams.
   At the first sight of my buddy Seo Yoon-oh at the airport I realized that my Korean life would really begin. I spent the first couple of days in Vivaldi Park for the orientation trip held by the IEI. It was pretty fun to play games, have dinner and chat freely with all the international students at Ewha. There I even learnt how to make Kimbab.
   Then the study of fall semester starts. My schedule is filled with intensive Korean courses and some other international courses. I love my Korean learning class for the lovely teachers and interesting classmates who come from America, Finland and Hong Kong. Every day I shuttle back and forth in the world composed of Korean, English or Chinese languages, and my ears feel amazed.
   At the break, I participated in a campus symphony festival. Wow, it is cool to enjoy such a concert in school, and it is free! During the Chuseok Festival I visited Gyeongbok Palace and National Folk Museum with Chinese friends, after which I learnt some traditions of Korea and found out there are many commonalities between China and Korea? traditions. In fact, the Chuseok Festival in China is called Mid-autumn Day and Chinese family members also get together to taste moon cakes and share moonlight.
   In the end of September, we international students went hiking to Bukhan Mountain. The scenery there was wonderful and the clean air made me fresh out. However, during the return trip down the hill I hurt my right knee badly. Luckily Fredick, a really strong German student, helped me by supporting me down down the hilly road. Also I want to say thanks to Jenny Park, one sister-like IEI officer. She took great care of me after I got hurt, which helped me hold back my tears when suffering the pain.
   I still have the spring semester in Ewha next year. And I am going to spend the winter here in a home-stay. Hope my splendid life continues here with you lovely Ewhaians!

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