Structural Reformation Plans Stir Controversy
Structural Reformation Plans Stir Controversy
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   The school administration announced its final structural reformation plan for 2007 on September 13. According to the plan, all current colleges in Ewha will be amalgamated into three large colleges: a College of Art and a College of Health Science by 2007, and, in the future, a University College.
   Also, the three existing divisions of the College of Human Ecology will be moved to other academically related colleges, doing away with the College of Human Ecology itself.
   Within the College of Human Ecology, the Department of Consumer Science & Human Development will be moved to the College of Social Sciences, Clothing & Textiles to the College of Art, and Food & Nutritional Sciences to the College of Health Science.
   President Shin In-ryung declared school administration official point on Ewha homepage on September 20 that the purpose of this plan is to strengthen Ewha's competitiveness by specializing in areas where Ewha has a competitive advantage, training specialists in areas where they are in demand, and improving the efficiency of university operations.
   The plan comes in response to Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development policies announced in December 2004 that require universities to reduce their enrollment by 10 percent.
   Students, professors, and alumnae of the College of Human Ecology expressed opposition to the plan. Students and professors argued that there were no mutual agreement concerning the identity of each department before they were informed of the reformation plan. Alumnae asserted that the administration neglected the history and contribution of the alumnae of the College of Human Ecology.
   However, an employee at the Office of Public Relations said, "The most important thing is looking at the big picture of Ewha's future. Currently, majors in the College of Human Ecology do not have much relation with each other, and as a result, each major lacks specialized professors. By redistributing these three majors into suitable colleges, students will be able to make most out of their majors."
   The school administration had a meeting with students on September 23 to explain the restruction plan and to hear students' opinions.

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