Interational Art Exchange through WAVE 2005
Interational Art Exchange through WAVE 2005
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▲ Students are looking at an artwork. Photo by Kim Ji-sun

   The World Art College Vision Exchange 2005 (WAVE 2005) took place from September 6 to 24 at Ewha Art Center and Art Space M-Post Gallery located in Sinsa-dong. WAVE is an art-education consortium of seven art colleges around the world with its headquarters at Ewha's College of Arts & Design. It was established in March 2005 to provide an opportunity for students and professors to exchange works and studies of their field.

   WAVE 2005 was a joint exhibition of four colleges ­- Ewha, Camberwell College of Art, Surrey Institute of Art & Design, Winchester School of Art ­- which aimed to encourage understanding of the art of different cultures. Displayed were 35 pieces by professors and 90 pieces by graduate and undergraduate students. These included engravings, paintings, books and media arts.
   Commenting on WAVE 2005, Oh Byung-gwon (Visual Information Design), Dean of the Graduate School of Design said, "It is meaningful to hold the first joint exhibition of foreign art colleges at Ewha. This will be a great chance for students, to experience world art first hand."

   After this exhibition, the works exhibited at WAVE 2005 is planned to be displayed at Centenary Gallery of Great Britain in January 2006.

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