Medical College Marks 60th Anniversary
Medical College Marks 60th Anniversary
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▲ Participants are listening to special lectures at the alumnae reunion.Photo by Kim Na-hyun
   Ewha's Medical College celebrated its 60th anniversary with a September 9 program that included a special lecture by Doctor Marianne J. Legato, a professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University. On the following day, medical students held sports matches and there was an alumnae reunion at the Sogong-dong Lotte Hotel.
Doctor Legato's lecture under the title "From Girls to Strong Women" stressed the importance of making women's health a substantive issue in clinical studies. Legato also advocated the establishment of a new discipline: gender-specific medicine, the study of how normal human biology differs between men and women and of how the diagnosis and treatment of disease differs as a function of gender. "Despite the fact that men's and women's normal functions are significantly different in every system of the body, women have been systematically excluded from clinical studies," said Legato, citing statistics which showed that two thirds of all medical research done on diseases that affect both genders has been done exclusively on men. Showing some of the successful cases of gender-specific medicine, she concluded that more study and research on women was needed in order to offer improved health care to women at all levels.
   As part of the college's 60th anniversary celebration and festival, the "Again Haeng Lim Festival" was held among students and faculty. Medical students exhibited varied artworks and photographs they had produced as extracurricular activities. At the alumnae reunion, special lectures by Professor Park Si-hoon (Medicine) and Professor Jung Hye-kyung (Medicine) were delivered. Also, a string quartet played pieces from renowned composers to add to the festive atmosphere of the night.
Ewha's Medical College was founded as Haeng Lim Won Department of Medicine in 1945 and is the only women's university in Korea to have a medical college.

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