Amusing and Thrilling Phobia Stories told by Ewha Students
Amusing and Thrilling Phobia Stories told by Ewha Students
  • Ewha Voice
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There are some students who have had interesting episodes because of their phobias. Ewha Voice interviewed them about their experiences.

"I have phasmophobia, a strong fear of ghosts. One night, it was dark, and everyone was sleeping except for me. I went out to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Then I felt that someone was staring at me from the living room. As I turned toward the living room, I saw a pale-faced girl wearing a white nightgown staring at me. Because I thought that it was a ghost, I screamed with all my might and woke everyone up. When the lights went on, the ghost disappeared. Later, I found that the ghost was not real. It was just a reflection of me in the glass doors of my patio. Although the ghost proved to be nothing, I still fear ghosts, and cannot forget that experience."

-Lee Kyu-rhee (International Studies, 1)

"I had a very strong diagnosis of testophobia, a fear of taking tests. Because of testophobia, I went through very hard times during high school. I couldn't sleep the night before trial examinations, and I could hardly concentrate when taking tests. My testophobia was so serious that my mother learned a folk remedy to alleviate my fear. She said that spreading sesame oil on my toes would ease my tension and make me feel relaxed. After several trials, I began to feel calm and at peace. Fortunately, I overcame testophobia and became able to take examinations without any fear or unease."

-Park Cho-rong (Social Sciences, 1)

"There was this one time when a fat pigeon flew into our classroom. My classmates and I were frightened. One of my friends suffered from Ornithophobia, the fear of birds. She hid her face on my chest to avoid seeing the pigeon as soon as it flew around the room. Our lecture was stopped for 10 minutes as two students tried to chase the bird away."

-Megumi Muramatsu (Political Science and Diplomacy, 2)

"In one of my major classes, a big bee flew in. Everyone was scared and I was so scared that I shut my eyes and hung onto my friend's arm. Finally, it sat on one of the soft drink cans that one of our classmates brought. She took the can with the bee in it outside. It really was a scary moment. I was worried that it would sting me or even come near me."

-Jeong Soo-hyun (Journailsm, 2)

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