Make Use of the New Museum Library at Ewha
Make Use of the New Museum Library at Ewha
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  • 승인 2005.10.05 00:00
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▲ Near the main gate of Ewha is the Ewha Museum, where there is a library which stores books that were not open to the public before. Photo by Kim Ji-sun
   Located on the B1 floor of the Ewha Museum is the museum library which is open from Monday to Friday (10 a.m.- 5 p.m.) to both Ewha students and others, as long as they carry their ID cards.
   The new library, which was opened this semester, has special collections centering on the subjects of art history and museum studies. But these are not the only type of books the library stores. The library stores a total of 16,000 books and museum catalogues which cover various subjects such as architecture, typography, and religion. Thus, not only students of art and history but also anyone who is interested in a historical perspective on art will find the museum library useful.
   Need the museum library be merely a place to visit for research? No. It can also be a great place to drop by after school to spend an afternoon flipping through catalogues on various special exhibitions held both inside and outside of Korea, or in other museums like the Agriculture Museum or the Railroad Museum. Some eye-catching catalogues with themes such as women? underwear of the Joseon Period or on Indian art can also be found. ?Given that many of the books and catalogues in the library are valuable, borrowing is not allowed. But, there are a Xerox machine (50 won per copy) and a scanner available so that students can, in one way or another, obtain the materials they need.

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