Supporting 120 Future Leaders
Supporting 120 Future Leaders
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   Ewha has announced that it will launch the Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP), a full scholarship program supporting 120 qualified female students from developing countries. Commemorating the founding spirit of Mary Scranton, Ewha plans to give back to society by demonstrating the educational capability that the university has accumulated during the past 120 years.
   When the school celebrates its 120th anniversary next spring, the first 30 students from developing countries will be admitted, funded entirely by the Ewha Global Partnership Fund. The number of students allowed to study at Ewha is expected to increase annually to a total of 120 students in four years. Women from developing countries, including those in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America, will study at Ewha.
   President Shin In-ryung explained that this scholarship program should not be seen as merely an obligation to help disadvantaged foreign students but also as a priceless opportunity to improve the current education environment at Ewha to an international level.
   In order to inform people worldwide about the EGPP, the school is trying to take advantage of all possible networks such as foreign embassies, foreign universities or institutions, foreign branches of Korean companies, foreign missionaries, and Ewha's alumnae residing overseas.

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