Women Scientists Hold ICWES13 at Ewha
Women Scientists Hold ICWES13 at Ewha
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   The 13th International Conference of Women Scientists and Engineers (ICWES13) was held at Ewha from Aug. 26 to 29. ICWES13 is the largest women scientists and engineers' symposium in the world, and has been held every three years since the first conference in 1964. Around 700 participants from 53 countries participated in this year's conference at Ewha, including Monica Frize, the president of International Network of Women Engineers and Scientist, and Norah K. Olembo, Secretary General of Africa Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum.
   Under the theme "Women Engineers and Scientists: Main Force to Reshape the Future World," this year's ICWES13 aimed to establish a global network among women scientists and engineers to exchange information on research and education. Professor Lee Kong-joo (Industrial Pharmacy), the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee said, "It is important that this conference is held here at Ewha, despite all the construction going around the campus, because ICWES13 can be a wonderful chance for students to see what their lives as scientists could be like in the future."
   Lively discussions in eight areas of specialization (Information Technology, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Energy Technology, Environment Technology, Space Technology, Education and Ethics, Gender and Leadership) and numerous workshops took place during the conference.

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