Early Marriage Survey
Early Marriage Survey
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   Are today's young women more open towards early marriage despite that most women are growing more independent and career-driven? The Ewha Voice decided to survey 958 Ewha students from 13 colleges. The recent abolition of Ewha's marriage ban added a greater reason for us to conduct this research. Through the results were not enough to prove that early marriage is a recent trend, it is positive that more and more young women are considering early marriage with much interest and more Ewhaians as well, are opening their thoughts on early marriage.


  Responsible and certain of the marriage = 4%
         Yes = 51%    No = 49%

Q3: What do you think are the factors that  make marriage necessary in one's life?

Q4: In what situations are you willing to get married suring college years?




 Soulmate = 68%  Family = 18%

 Economic ability = 4%  

 Happiness and  Partnership=2%


  Economic ability(both) = 64% 

  Study abroad together = 26% 

  Early pregnancy = 21% 

  Economic ability (partner) = 11%

  Economic ability (myself) = 9%

  Parents' suggestion = 8%

  Adequate marriage age of the partner = 4%

  Responsible and certain of the marriage = 4%

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