Ewhaian Makes Her Wedding Vows at Twenty Four
Ewhaian Makes Her Wedding Vows at Twenty Four
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   For most juniors and seniors in college, early marriage is a common topic of interest. Admiring the marriage of top stars like the recently wed, Han Ga-in (23) and Yeon Jung-hoon (26), more than a few single women fantasize about their own perfect wedding and hope "the day" will come soon. But out of those dreamers, how many actually go through with an early marriage?
   After Ewha's abolition of its marriage ban, some students have wed while attending school. Hong Yu-seon (Psychology, 4) made her wedding vows to her husband Lee Ho-seok, the minister at her church, last September. "I have always prayed to God to be wed at 24 to a pastor. Though it is not my goal to become a typical housewife, my utmost priority was always to form a loving family first and then achieve social status and career goals."
   Reactions by her colleagues and school professors were surprised, but, at the same time very supportive. Hong says they were more nervous, curious, and extremly excited, and that more students came to her wedding ceremony than she had expected. "When I told the professors I was missing class to go on my honeymoon, they seemed very surprised. But they were supportive and considerate of my new role as a housewife."
   According to a survey we conducted on Ewhaians, out of the 51 percent who said they could imagine an early marriage, 95 percent answered that they would continue to pursue a career. Also, 26 percent answered that they would consider early marriage when they have plans to study abroad with their spouse. Similarly, Hong said she wants to continue with her studies. "Currently I plan to serve the church with my husband and develop through church service. I also want to share my blessings with the poor, with disabled people, and with North Korean refugees. After Korea is unified, I would like to devote myself to spreading the words of God among North Koreans. It is truly a long time dream of mine and my heart is throbbing in expectation."
   Hong recommends that Ewhaians who are certain about their lovers consider marriage. Though she admits that there are difficulties such as having to take care of household chores and studies at the same time, or working as an ordinary housewife and taking care of family events of the in-laws, she states that she is free from the stress of instability in planning her future. Also, she is more than happy now that she has a lifetime partner and supporter who will stay by her through life's ups and downs and share the same visions and interests in life. To add even more blessings to her happy marriage, Hong is expecting her first child next January. Congratulations!

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