[At Edae-ap] The First Branches at Edae-ap
[At Edae-ap] The First Branches at Edae-ap
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  • 승인 2005.06.01 00:00
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▲ - Photo by Park Yoo-mi

   Korea's first bakery cafe "Migo" launched its first branch in 1994 in front of Ewha. It now has a total of ten branches. When Choung Young-jin, the managing director of Migo, was working in a company before establishing Migo, he went on business trips to Europe frequently. During the trips, he had many opportunities to taste European bread, which was a lot different from that of Korea. Choung established Migo to introduce such "new" taste to Korea. "The most important point in founding Migo was extraordinary tasting-bread. However, what I found to be more important was distinguishing my bakery from the others. The result of this was the idea of the "bakery cafe" which was undeveloped then," said Choung. His new idea was very successful. Customers really liked it because they could eat bread with coffee and rest comfortably, as in a cafe.

▲ - Photo by Park Yoo-mi

   "Starting Migo in front of Ewha was a good choice. Edae-ap is the best place to test taste and quality of food. Dealing with Ewhaians, who are always ahead of popular trends, was a useful experience. We could always try innovative marketing and management. The Edae-ap branch is the standard for management in all Migo branches," said Choung.
   Choung commented that his personal wishes for Ewhaians are for them to undergo various experiences and gain more knowledge so that they may become challenging women in society, ultimately becoming leaders of the world. At the same time, Choung also expressed that he wishes for Migo to stand as a good medium to Ewhaians to broaden their senses of the international world.


This is our last issue for the column, "The First Branches at Edae-ap." We thank all readers and participants who have contributed to these columns. Please look forward to our upcoming columns on culture and trends.

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