On Campus Safety Precautions Behind the Scenes
On Campus Safety Precautions Behind the Scenes
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   Safety is not a guarantee in our most conventional surroundings. For example, a national news report broadcasted last month that elevator mishaps occur 20 times the amount of car accidents on average. How much people stay alert to safety differs from person to person, but in a place as busy as college campuses, danger awareness is not always high. That is why some of Ewha's latest safety precautions are being made for students by the Office of General Affairs located on the first floor of Pfeiffer Hall.
Staff member Kim Yong-wan, who is in charge of campus safety operations, explains the role of the office. "Our main job is to take care of fire prevention facilities, cleaning, and traffic control around campus. We also post guards in each building to try to prevent any accidents from occurring," says Kim.
   The school is also prepared for fires. "We have designated each building with multiple fire-extinguishers and set up smoke detectors in each room. These are turned on all year around and checked frequently," says Kim. The Office of General Affairs trains guards to use the fire extinguishers, and students who live in the dormitories also receive training. "Our only worry is that not all students know how to use these facilitites," says Kim. However, Kim Min-ji (Advertising and PR, 2) says, "I don't recall seeing a fire-extinguisher before, they're not in conspicuous places."
   The Office of General Affairs is also in charge of traffic control within campus. ?here haven't been any accidents so far, notes Kim, "But we are always on the lookout for minor hazards because the traffic flow is getting rather complicated due to the increase in construction."
   Students opinions on the effectiveness of traffic control on campus differ. "Despite the traffic control, I've come very close to being hit by a car more than once," says Kim Min-ji. However, Shin Young (Psychology, 2) disagrees, saying, "The traffic isn't too bad.
   One final concern of Kim Yong-wan is hygiene. "Our school is especially sensitive in this area," says Kim. "During school hours, cleaners are assigned to each building, and they work from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or even later in buildings where classes continue after that time." Although the office does not conduct experiments to measure factors like dust in the air, Kim states that the cleanliness of the buildings is excellent.
While the Office of General Affairs handles many other aspects of campus safety, Kim says he is especially concerned with traffic. "We would like to encourage the students not to go around at late hours when it's harder for us to inspect each part of the school. Also, further construction will mean more vehicles on campus, increasing the possibility of car accidents," he says. Kim's final comments to students were, "Please keep yourselves safe by staying aware of your surroundings at all times."
   Finally, for those who are skeptical about using elevators at school, it may be comforting to know that all elevators on campus are contracted to be checked for safety at least twice a month.

▲ Low awareness of surroundings is a common trait among Ewha students. Thus, traffic going to and from campus are under strict control by the Office of General Affairs.

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