The First Branches at Edae-ap: Red Mango
The First Branches at Edae-ap: Red Mango
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▲ This hip logo is a sign of true well-being.
   "I'll meet you in front of Red Mango" A. popular "meet-and-eat" place at the front gate, Red Mango first appeared to Ewhaians on March 1, 2003. After only two years Red Mango has already branched out into 148 franchises around Korea. That's an average of 74 per year, six per month! Choo Ro-ni, the CEO and mastermind behind the red and orange label, tells of starting out at Edae-ap.
   "I left the firm I was working at and jumped into this business," Choo says. His bold leap into franchising a yogurt ice-cream eatery developed when he noticed a group of yogurt ice-cream manias forming in Korea. "Certain ice-cream brands that were focused on the well-being culture were gaining success, that's where I picked up the idea for Red Mango," Choo remarks.
   Out of all places, why here? Choo's answer is simple. "What can please the epicurean taste buds of young women is likely to please everyone. The first branch for any franchise determines a lot of the future for that business, so Edae-ap is naturally a popular testing ground for eateries to start out.
   As with all new beginnings, the success didn't happen overnight. "It was tough, I remember handing out cup samples for weeks every morning to students," said Choo. His efforts however, are certainly rewarded, for now the Red Mango billboard stands as a landmark for those who either attend, or visit this area.

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