School introduces new security reporting system
School introduces new security reporting system
  • Cho In-hyo
  • 승인 2019.03.18 17:07
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On Feb. 28, the Office of Management announced that they have installed a new safety reporting system to ensure student safety on campus. The new service aims to provide a simple and fast method for reporting safety issues such as accidents or potential sources of danger. The safety report is currently accessible to all users, including visitors, at the bottom of the Ewha homepage under the “Services” category.

“Last year, when the school made a new safety team as part of organizational financing, the staff of the safety team suggested this system to handle safety issues on campus in a more convenient way,” said Lee Hyuk from the school’s safety team.

According to Lee, when a case is reported, the safety team and related members are alerted automatically by email. The case is then given to and handled by each? related department. After a report is accepted, the results are sent by email to the person who submitted it, except in the case of anonymous reports.

The safety report appeared following several safety incidents on campus.

Although the system has yet to receive any reports, the Office of Management plans to actively promote the new service via the school website.

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