Fighting STRESS
Fighting STRESS
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   As the midterm exam period nears, Ewhaians will find themselves having to deal with stress and pressure. Various forms of therapy can help Ewhaians face such difficulties.
   This therapy has its basis in psychoanalysis and has been widely practiced since its effect was proved in 1869. There are various kinds of therapy that bring us mental and emotional health. These types of therapies are: music therapy, art therapy, psychodrama therapy, dance therapy, and massage therapy. All these therapies work for the same goals. One is to relieve the stress that people receive from everyday life. The other is to help people get in touch with their inner selves, fully understand themselves, and find out the causes and solutions of the conflicts they are currently experiencing in their lives.
   Psychoanalysis started from Freud, a well-known psychologist. His theories, however, were too focused on sex. Therefore, by recognizing the limitations of Freud's theory, his colleagues Carl G. Jung and Alfred Adler presented their own theories that included both a part of Freud? ideas and their own ideas. Jung's theory is known as Analytical Psychology, and Adler's theory is known as Individual Psychology.
   Therapies clean the negative emotions people retain from past experiences by recreating scenes of the past and making the subject re-experience the past. From these experiences, subjects start to learn how to express their emotions and feelings, and receive relief from pent-up stress. Subjects also learn how to control their emotions and how to react the next time a situation similar to one of their past takes place. Through all these therapy processes, patients learn how to look at themselves objectively, and understand and reform themselves. This causes them to experience less stress in situations similar to ones from the past.

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