A Musical Guide for Stress Management
A Musical Guide for Stress Management
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1. Play energetic music. The fast pace and energy of the music will bring liveliness to your life.

2. Pay close attention to the lyrics in a song. Lyrics offer inspiration. They are positive messages that provide us with great strength that medicine cannot offer. ("I believe I can fly" -­R.Kelly, "I Will Survive" - ­Gloria Gaynor, "Hero" -Mariah Carey)

3. Listen to a waltz. As the season turns from winter to spring, our body needs to adjust to changes. Waltzes are not overwhelming but refreshing, enjoying, and stimulating. ("Second Waltz from Suite No. 2 for Jazz Orchestra" -S.hostakovich, "Voices of Spring" ­-Strauss, "Waltz of the Flowers" -T.chaikovsky) Prof. Chong recommends the album, "A Thousand Years of Waltz," which contains a mixture of various waltzes.

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