Looking back on 2018
Looking back on 2018
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Global figures visit Ewha

With the year coming to an end, Ewha Voice looks back on the many newsworthy events of this year. For the last issue of 2018, Ewha Voice selected some of this year’s most significant events on and off campus.

The 10th anniversary of ECC

This year, ECC celebrated its 10th anniversary. As a symbol of the modernity of Ewha, it opened its doors on April 28, 2008. Renowned French architect Dominique Perrault, the designer of ECC, visited Ewha and reconfirmed its meaning to him, to the school and moreover, to the world. With the merge with the ecofriendly components and future-oriented aims, ECC has received many rewards including the 2010 Parisian Architects Grand Prix Award. As a milestone of the new era and a place for students to stay 24/7, ECC has become the heart of campus for many.

#MeToo allegations call for change

The worldwide, viral #MeToo movement reached Ewha in March, following numerous accusations against various professors, including “Professor K” from the sculpture major and “Professor S” from the orchestral music major. Students have supported the victims by collecting more than 5,000 signatures as well as rallying to demand that the university take prompt action to protect the students who were the victims of sexual harassment. The accused professors were dismissed in the end, but students have heavily criticized the university for neglecting their opinions and excluding them from participating in the overall process, including the disciplinary committees. The call to include students, especially in light of the #MeToo allegations made on campus, was also brought up as an important agenda item during the meeting with the university president, Kim Hei-sook.

Global figures visit Ewha

Leaders from around the world including former Director-General of UNESCO, Dr. Irina G. Bokova, Tory Burch, and Her Excellency Kersti Kaljulaid, the President of the Republic of Estonia visited Ewha. Sharing their thoughts on women’s leadership and delivering messages for students to keep in mind while pursuing their dreams, they inspired many to stay ambitious in reaching a successful career.

Student Activities of 2018

Ewha students shine in Winter Olympics, Asian Games

Korea hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang throughout February. Ewha students participated in the games as athletes (para-alpine skier Yang Jaerim and her guide Ko Un So Ri), commentators (former Olympic figure skaer Kim Hae-jin), and volunteers. The Asian Games, held in Indonesia in August, had participants including Ewha athletes such as Kim Min-jung, who brought home three medals in shooting, sailor Kim Ji-ah, swimmer Kim Sojin, and former swimmer and commentator Kim Soo-yeon.

Enable elected as the 51st student council

On Nov. 24, the Student Government Organization (SGA) officially announced that Enable was elected as the next student council. For the first time in years, two teams competed against each other to become the next student council. The voting period was extended for a day because some departments needed more votes to match the voter turnout of 50 percent needed to open each ballot. The Election Commission collected a total of 8,936 votes, which comprised 62.4 percent of eligible voters. Enable won 64.74 percent (6,785 votes) of the total votes and was elected as the 51st student council.

Ewha moves forward with students

The school and student YouTubers started a channel, “Ewha Life with Ewha Creators,” working together to upload video clips on campus life. Some students voluntarily gathered to contribute their efforts in spreading the values of Ewha under the name “Ewhatogether”. Acknowledging the rising importance in promoting the school from various angles, students are spearheading friendlier approaches to introducing the school to a variety of audiences.

Farewell, 2018. We will never forget the changes you have brought to us.

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