Methods and Benefits of Movement Therapy
Methods and Benefits of Movement Therapy
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   "Being true to your feelings is the key point to dance therapy," says Song Kyung-hee (Ballet, 2) and Choi Ji-won (Ballet, 1). Dance therapy is a therapeutical way of bringing the body, heart, and mind together to achieve physical and emotional healing. According to these two dancers, dance therapy is a recommendable way to relieve stress and form a good body shape. Here are some of the suggested exercises taught at Ewha's Department of Dance that they wish to share with fellow Ewhaians.

1. Strengthens back muscles and inner thigh muscles, firms hips
Cross one leg over the other and hold for about 20~30 seconds. Keep your back straight.




2. Strengthens back muscles and arm muscles, firms hips
Similar to stretching. Boosts and accelerates growth. Lift in a cross. Lift and lower slowly.





3. Exercises upper thigh muscles and lower stomach
Move legs up and down slowly. Inhale when legs are up and exhale when down. Make sure there is no space in between.





4. Stretches shoulder joint muscles
Hold stretch band with both hands. Stretch up and farther behind. (Stretch bands are available for 12,000 won at hospital rehabilitation centers.)





5. Stretches stomach and back muscles
Lie face down on the floor and slowly let upper body rise. As your upper body comes up, imagine you are climbing a flight of stairs.




6. Stretches back side of leg and calf muscles
Straighten back and hold posture while holding and stretching one leg.

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