The renewal of Sinchon burrow, a new creative outlet for students
The renewal of Sinchon burrow, a new creative outlet for students
  • Lee Young-in
  • 승인 2018.05.27 12:53
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Sinchon Tokkigull (Sinchon burrow), a place once criticized by its odor and potential dangers of crime, was reborn with colorful artworks on March 20. Located right under the Gyeongui Line railroad, it is now an open space for all people who want to express their creativity. The burrow used to be an abandoned area where homeless people would sometimes come to avoid the heat and cold. However, after using the spot for shooting the drama “Goblin: The Lonely and Great God” and many other commercials, tourists came to visit one by one. But the burrow was in such a poor condition that the Seodaemun-gu Office decided to proceed maintenance work. The burrow had several problems that made it unattractive for visitors, such as the lightings too dark for people to walk through and the unpleasant odor. So, the office came up with specific plans for improvements last June and with the help of citizens and the Seoul public art advisory panel, they officially took action on the project on November. The first step they proceeded was repairing the surface of the wall and changing the lightings with brighter LEDs. For the outer part of the burrow, they newly paved the road and set up a security light in response to complaints about the dark atmosphere. Also, a wooden staircase was built for easier access. The surface of the burrow is decorated by a renowned graffiti artist Leodav’s works, drawing poet Yun Dong-ju, Korean independence activist Yu Gwan-sun, and student Lee Han-yeol. Next to these illustrations are many other artworks of artists who filled the wall with their own unique style. Anyone is allowed to participate in the condition of keeping three rules: the graffiti works are only allowed during 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., any loathing and decadent contents are banned, and fine is imposed upon drawing on unapproved places. University students have been eager to use the newly open space and one of them is Raonsoul, Ewha’s hiphop crew. The crew has four teams, and one of them is the graffiti team, which has been using the burrow as their practice space since day one. They hold workshops regularly for newcomers about once a week for two to three weeks at the beginning of the semester to teach them how to use the sprays and practice basic techniques. “The burrow is such a helpful place for us as there is not enough legal place to practice graffiti,” said a member of Raonsoul. “As it was extremely rare to do graffiti outside, we used to practice only on plywood, but now members can freely enjoy spraying the paints on the wall. If graffiti wasn’t legalized at the burrow, we wouldn’t have fully experienced the art of graffiti.” The team also talked about how the amazing artworks in the burrow inspired and motivated them. One of the member expressed that the burrow acts like an open exhibition as there are many high-quality artworks. As various pieces appear on the wall occasionally, the team goes to study the works and practice to improve their skills. “We hope to continuously work on our graffiti skills and improve the quality of the artworks for a better exhibition, so that people can remember Raonsoul and take interest in graffiti,” Raonsoul said. “We plan to hold an exhibition next semester at the Student Union Building, so those who are interested are welcomed!” The burrow will continuously remain to be people’s creative outlet. For the plans for the future, the Seodaemun-gu Office stated that they are planning a graffiti festival in the near future and hopes that people come together, enjoying the art and culture. 

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