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Accused professors advised disciplinary dismissal
2018년 05월 08일 (화) 15:33:47 Lee Tae-hee taeheelee@ewhain.net

Following Sculpture Major “Professor K”’s sexual harassment conviction on April 4, students’ call for an urgent investigation into the delayed sexual harassment investigation for Ewha’s Orchestral Music “Professor S” resulted in him being found guilty of all charges on May 1.

After a Sexual Harassment Commission on March 30, on April 4, Sculpture Major Professor S’s actions from 2005 to 2017 were all proven to be sexual harassments. After few weeks, Professor K’s Sexual Harassment Commission was held on April 16 and all actions from 2015 to 2017 were proven to be sexual harassments. B o t h c o n v i c t e d o f s e x u a l harassment towards students, they are currently recommended dismissal from the university president. Although Professor K made an objection to his dismissal and requested a re-deliberation, the results were no different to his first Sexual Harassment Commission and was again advised disciplinary dismissal.

In the process of investigation, students questioned why Professor S’s verdict was especially slow to come. Since the affidavit submission deadline was shortened from 15 days to seven after the revision of ‘Regulations Regarding Measures to Prevent Sexual Harassment’ in June 2017 and two cases publicized within a twoday difference, many expected the investigation results to come out around the same time. When asked why Professor S’s verdict was abnormally delayed compared to Professor K’s, the Center for Gender Affairs responded the commission was postponed to protect the victims as much as possible. Due to the narrow nature of the music department of having a small number of students and the professors playing an important role when students get employed, it was a time consuming and sensitive process for students of Professor S to speak out the sexual harassments. In contrast to Professor K’s investigation in which the victims were clearly specified and investigated in accordance to the ideal timeline, Professor S’s investigation ensured anonymity of the victims and thus took longer.

Even though both sex offenders are advised for disciplinary dismissal, the case is yet to be closed. Another Disciplinary Committee has to be held within 90 days to formally dismiss the sex offenders from Ewha. Students in each emergency committee are also considering the possibility of professors requesting for a re-trial or appeal review to lengthen the dismissal process even beyond the first semester.

“We still need your continuous attention for the Disciplinary Committee to be held and for Professor S to be dismissed,” read an announcement from the Orchestral Music Major’s Emergency Committee on Sexual Harassments. “We would like to express our gratitude to all those who supported us so far, and also promise to do our best to give according punishment to the sex offender Professor S through the Disciplinary Committee.”

Students are still providing their wholehearted support by writing posts with the title, “Sculpture Orchestral Music Me Too” in solidarity with the sexual harassment victims.

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