Princeton: gatekeeper training and outreach
Princeton: gatekeeper training and outreach
  • Lee Joo-ah, Yun Sol
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  • 수정 2019.10.01 12:53
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Princeton Counseling and Psychological Service was founded during the 1920s, and is one of the first university counseling centers to open in the United States. Due to its high utilization rate of 22 percent, the center is trying to handle wait times, just like Ewha.

 “22 percent is about 1,700 students every year, so there’s a problem of wait time to get into treatment and between sessions,” said Dr. Calvin R. Chin, Director of Princeton Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS). CPS is also working on educating faculty, students, and community members to create an environment that knows how to deal with students in need of psychological aid.


▲ Princeton students can get access to student counseling services by visiting McCosh Health Center building on campus.

“One of the programs we have that is quite innovative is called 'Princeton Distress Awareness and Response.' It is a gatekeeper training program that trains concerned community members on identifying students in distress and to respond appropriately. We’ve trained over 800 faculty staff and students in this program.” Dr. Chin said. “I think the biggest thing is to encourage people to look out for one another. Social connectedness is something that can help a lot with students who feel lonely or depressed. Plus, the more students that feel connected the more can they look out for one another, so when someone’s struggling, others can connect them to help.”

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