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Ewha goes through changes during winter break
2018년 03월 21일 (수) 12:49:21 Cho In-hyo stephkcho@ewhain.net

 While students refreshed their minds and body during this winter break, the school went through some minor and major changes, welcoming students to better facilities and environment.

 Last month, the school’s official Facebook page uploaded the main changes from small merchandises to renewals of some locations, earning a lot of likes and shares among students.
Out of the posts about the changes, the new Lucete Lounge received the most likes and comments. The old Hak-gwan library went through a renewal and become a modern styled lounge. While the old studying space had a gloomy atmosphere with only several large desks that were inconvenient for studying students, the new lounge resembles the looks of a cafe.
The study space now has a bright atmosphere with new lighting and lamps much like one in a private reading room. The former desks were replaced with a long table that can accommodate more students and round tables that encourages studying with friends.

 Along with the Lucete Lounge, the small area next to the consumer cooperative called the Giraffe Room also went through renovations. The floor and walls were changed, and the tables and chairs were swapped and cleaned, making the whole area a neater and friendlier place.
Moreover, school now greets students who came back from their homes and freshmen that are new to the campus with newly released Ewha merchandise.

 Ewha Souvenir Shop introduced the Ewha keyring, which has the school’s logo and flower of a pear, beautifully symbolizing Ewha. Ewha bookmark and Ewha bread filled with nuts and dried fruit, decorated with Korean letters of ‘Ewha’ is also available in school’s stores, contributing to the diversity of school’s goods.

“To graft the sophisticated logo of Ewha on to the merchandise like the new bread and to launch merchandises interests people like me,” said Lee Seung-jae, a freshman in the School of Economics, Yonsei University. “It not only contributes to the profit for the school but as a fan of Ewha from another school, I envy the fact that Ewha students can proudly introduce their school with a food that represents their significance.”

 The most popular newly made merchandise was the clothing for dogs. Dog owners of Ewha were thrilled to hear the news, as some were waiting for such clothes to be sold like schools that already had those items like Korea University and Yonsei University.

 “I am feeling great to have my dog as family of Ewha!,” said Ha Young-in, a sophomore in English Language and Literature Department.

 Another major change on campus was the Ewha Shuttle Bus. On Feb. 21, the school’s general affairs team uploaded the changes of the shuttle bus on the school website, which introduced the new express route. The express route goes from the Main Gate, Ewha-POSCO Building, then to the Three-way Intersection, where it meets the turning spot that goes back to the start. The new express bus runs from 8:45 to 11:15 in the morning and 13:30 to 17:15 in the afternoon, with a 15-minute allocation interval. Students can meet the bright yellow and orange express bus, and arrive faster to their classrooms instead of going through a tiring walk.

 The new intriguing changes to Ewha are looked up to bring a more convenient and brilliant lifestyle to students, faculty, and all visitors.

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