The First Branches at Edae-ap: Starbucks Coffee
The First Branches at Edae-ap: Starbucks Coffee
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▲ The familiar billboard greets passers by.
   "Edae-ap" is the Korean word directing the area in front of Ewha. This short phrase has become a cliche in most people's minds as a place to eat, hang out, and mainly shop. However, there seems to be a trend with this place that a lot of people are not aware of. A lot of franchises have started here, and spread like wild fire throughout the country. Ewha Voice has tracked down these places and uncovered their stories of founding at Edae-ap. The first stop is the renown coffee shop, Starbucks.

   Ever been captivated by the aroma of coffee on the way to school from the Ewha Womans University subway station? A little way up from exit number three, you will see on the right a familiar sign saying "Starbucks." With the warm orange lighting and cozy interior it is almost impossible to ignore its welcoming aura.
   For Ewha students, a dose of coffee in the morning may be just what they need to start off the day of classes and school reports. Or perhaps a little sip of latt?in the evening with friends is a classy way to relieve the day's stress.
   Either way, Starbucks first entered Korea on July 27, 1999 on the front street of Ewha. Since Ewha students are well-known for their modern taste and open-mindness, Edae-ap was thought to be the perfect place to start out. With three spacious floors and a capacity to hold 144 customers at a time, Starbucks has become a classic place for just about anyone to sit down and relax. Now a franchise with 115 branches all over Korea, Ewha can proudly say that it was here that the pacemaker of caffeine culture in Korea first set its roots.

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