Entrance ceremony starts the 2018 school year
Entrance ceremony starts the 2018 school year
  • Lee Tae-hee
  • 승인 2018.03.07 09:09
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As the cold weather has started to abate, the Ewha campus regained its hustle and bustle with new freshmen and their families gathering at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium for the 2018 entrance ceremony on Feb 23. This year, the school welcomed 3,393 freshmen, which for the first time included 387 students in the open major system.

During the entrance ceremony, P r e s i d e n t K i m H e i - s o o k congratulated the students and welcomed them to Ewha’s learning environment. “I welcome you all, who have passed through the difficult gate of entrance examinations and now become proud members of Ewha,” Kim started off. “We will work hard to educate the students to become talented, autonomous, and creative individuals who will grow into world leaders in today’s society. Do not be afraid of failure, and experience what you want at Ewha. All Ewha members, including myself, will strongly support your journey.”

The honor of the Oath of Incoming Students was given to two students, one Korean and one foreign. Led by Choi A-yeong, a freshman in the College of Education, and Maratova Merianna, a freshman of the College of Social Sciences and one of the seven freshmen of this year’s Ewha Global Partnership Program, the freshmen declared to commit themselves to becoming the nation’s future leaders.

The freshmen later enjoyed a performance by the popular Ewha Faculty Singers. As the professors sang and danced to songs such as Boom Boom and Pick Me, the freshmen cheered loudly in return. After the entrance ceremony, the parents said goodbye to their daughters and proceeded to Lee San-bong Hall for the Welcome to the Ewha Family program. As the parents met with the university president, the freshmen stayed at the auditorium for the Welcome to Ewha program. 

Cheerfully greeting the students, comedian Lim Ji-hyun took the microphone and led Welcome to Ewha. Four Ewha students shared tips on scholarships, activities on and off campus, and various ways to gain overseas experience during their stay at Ewha. “Ewha is a school that you love more and more as years pass,” said Kim Si-wan, one of the four students. “I hope the entire 2018 freshman group will lead a happy school life.” In response to the students’ hard work, many freshmen replied that the program was helpful. “The talking session was very informative,” said Ji Eun-seo, a freshman in the Fiber Arts major. “The senior’s dance stage was also memorable.” Afterwards, the freshmen warmed the hearts of listeners during the program by sharing their personal stories related to Ewha. Sharing the story of her grandmother, herself a former Ewha student who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and who clearly remembers her granddaughter’s admittance into Ewha, the freshmen wished her grandmother to live a long and healthy life.

Alumni and JTBC producer Lim Jung-ah also visited to share her story and know-how as an acclaimed producer. “Following the same road as others may not be the right road for you,” said Lim. “University is a time when you can freely explore what is right for you. It doesn’t matter if you fail or succeed during the process; I want you to challenge yourself to find your own unique path.” The ceremony was ended by shouting in unison, “Ewha Womans University, Hwaiting,” with the greetings from Ewha, the freshmen went home to prepare for their first day of school. taeheelee@ewhain.net

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