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The holiday season is upon us once again. With the end of 2017 just around the corner, Ewha Voice takes this opportunity to look back at the year we are leaving behind. In March, Ewha kickstarted the school year by beginning the long fight for a ballot in the election for school president, and in November the new student council E;ffect begins to work alongside President Kim to further the prospects of Ewha. In this issue, we will revisit some significant moments in between those times through the photographs of Ewha Voice.


Kim Hei-sook was elected the 16th president of Ewha on May 25. President Kim became the first president to be directly elected by students as well as professors, staff and alumni. Seven months into her term, her struggle for a better Ewha shows in her answering to students’ Six Ewhain Policy Proposals made in September, regarding students’ welfare, on-campus security and more. Her efforts to expand international exchange with elite foreign schools, took flight last month when she negotiated Ewha’s future partnerships with presidents of prestigious universities in the U.S.

The large banner on the Main Gate reads: “Ewha’s flame, glowing brilliantly, dazzlingly flare up and shine the world!” Huh Hyung, a sophomore in Korean Language and Literature, created the catchphrase which won her the fourth Promotion Idea Contest. The flame symbolizes the power of execution, independence and strength of Ewha. In consideration of the catchphrase, this eighth banner accentuated the strength and energy by displaying fierce colors of red, orange and yellow. The Ewha Banners, replaced three to four times each year, are selected through the Promotion Idea Contests, which is open to all Ewha members including students, alumni and professors.

As of 2017, an ever larger number of international students are seeking Ewha for an elite academic experience. Throughout the year, exchange students participated in various programs and events organized by the school. On Dec. 8, a farewell ceremony for the international students of the 2017 fall semester was held. They expressed their gratitude and satisfaction upon studying at Ewha.

For the Winter Overseas Special, Ewha Voice reached out to Ewha alumni pursuing careers in the United States and Europe: Park Bo-young, the sole Korean woman in the Google Headquarters’ Hardware Operation Team, Gina Choi of KW International, Helen Chung of Windriver Intel, and Park Sun-jung from Glispa Global Group in Berlin. Sharing their experience in the roads unexplored, they inspired students to keep a proactive attitude.

The first Summer Overseas Special focused on feminism in New York. In the heart of Wall Street stands Fearless Girl, facing the iconic bull. Fearless Girl was installed on International Women’s Day of 2017, as a symbol of women in leadership and advocating gender diversity in workplace. Despite its short history, the Fearless Girl generated powerful conversations about gender equality and women’s rights throughout the whole world. The ongoing Special features college journalism in Korea and the U.S. through college newspapers such as the Missourian and the Daily Northwestern.

PyeongChang 2018 is less than 60 days away, and Ewha Voice salutes Para-alpine skier Yang Jae-rim and her partner Ko Un So Ri in their pursuit of excellence beyond the campus walls. The team, a 2015 gold medalist in the International Paralympic Committee Southern Hemisphere Cup for alpine skiing, was looking forward to the four events they would be participating in the paralympic games. Yang with a vision impairment, follows her guide Ko, to whiz through the slopes. It is in all our wishes that the two stay well and fit for the games next year. Good luck to you, good luck in 2018.

Farewell 2017 It’s been good.


Reporters: Son Young-chai, Hong Ki-yeon, Kim Ka-young, Kim Jee-min

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