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CDC recruits student tutors via THE Portfolio
2017년 12월 07일 (목) 11:16:54 Wee So-yeon sarahwee@ewhain.net

The Career Development Center (CDC) began the Tutor Recruiting Program in 2004. To help students looking for tutoring jobs, the CDC matches Ewha students with parents wanting tutors for their children. All students, including international students can apply for this program via THE portfolio on the Eureka website, as long as they have a student identification number.
THE portfolio requires student’s basic resume, including one’s past academic experiences and subjects they can teach. After filling out the required information, the student has to visit the CDC with her ID card in order to be officially registered as a tutor. The CDC then checks the submitted information of the student and introduces the most adequate tutor among the applicants to the parents.
The tutor-recruiting program offered by the CDC is free of charge, whereas private companies that provide similar services require a commission fee. When using the private companies, one has to pay a certain amount of money monthly or annually to access potential tutees, and sometimes to highlight the information of oneself among others willing to work as a tutor. Moreover, the program guarantees the credibility of both the parents’ and student’s personal information.
“A parent once required me to submit an certificate of enrollment, but she still seemed to be suspicious even after I showed her the certificate,” said Lim Joo-in, a student majoring in psychology. “Getting a job through the CDC program would have eliminated such process and also guarantee the safety of the recruitment. Since I know about it now, the next time I have to find a new tutoring job, I will definitely use this program.”
Although it is a good program for students and parents alike, the CDC revealed that only about 10 parents per month ask for a tutor.
“Since there is not enough demand compared to the number of students wanting tutoring jobs, we have difficulty in matching students with parents,” the CDC commented. “The matching is made after the request of parents, but not many parents are aware of such services offered by Ewha.”
Despite such limitations, those who did get a job via the CDC program have expressed their satisfaction.
“Through the program offered by the CDC, I could have a memorable experience of tutoring,” shared an anonymous student who found a tutoring job through the program. “The parent of my student was an Ewha alumna, so she knew about this program and welcomed me. Since it was my first time working as a tutor, I worried about the job, but it was a great relief to have an alumna as the parent of my student. Although I do not work as her tutor anymore, I still keep in touch with her.”

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