Ewha Kindergarten Good for Students, Good for Mothers
Ewha Kindergarten Good for Students, Good for Mothers
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   Ewha Kindergarten was established in 1914 as the first kindergarten in Korea. Last year, it celebrated its 90th anniversary. As a commemoration, a book was published listing all the historical events and educational aims of the institution.
   According to Hwang Hye-hyun, current vice-director of Ewha Kindergarten, many kindergartens are closing down or transforming itself into educational academies due to financial difficulties. However, with a basis built over a long period of time, a stable education system, and outstanding teachers, Ewha Kindergarten is firm.
   All programs are child-centered. They are designed to educate children to become moral citizens in Korea's democratic society. Also, Ewha Kindergarten focuses on each child's education, since it is an important factor in a child? growth and character development.
   Ewha Kindergarten supports two kinds of day programs. One is a half-day program where class starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 12 p.m. Another one is a full-day program where class starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. These two kinds of programs offer Ewha's graduate school students a place to educate their children during their study time.
   Since Ewha Kindergarten is part of the College of Education of Ewha Womans University (EWU), the curriculum is constantly updated as more new educational ideas are introduced. Also, it is an experimental field for students of College of Education. Kindergarteners participate in free choice activities, group activities, and other special events. To make learning more fun, parents are invited to participate and interact with their children. Through these programs, children become more independent and responsible for their own actions.
   According to the Korean Educational Development Institute, Ewha's College of Education was graded top for two consecutive years in the following three categories: curriculum and classes; professor and students; and educational environment and financial supporting system.
   One of Ewha Kindergarten's strongest assets is the teachers. From the knowledge and experience gained at Ewha Kindergarten, many teachers have written books. Therefore, the public considers being a teacher at Ewha Kindergarten a high-class occupation. Consequently, many Ewha students majoring in Early Child Education have interest in getting employed at Ewha Kindergarten.
   There are only a few universities managing a kindergarten school. Ewha Kindergarten boasts its top quality education with outstanding teachers and management system, allowing Ewha students to study without worries worrying about their children's education.

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