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Welcome and farewell: Ewha celebrates graduates and embraces newcomers
2017년 09월 07일 (목) 11:37:13 Lee Tae-hee taeheelee@ewhain.net

This fall, Ewha presented a total of 1,941 graduates, awarding 963 bachelor’s degrees, 859 master’s degrees and 119 doctoral degrees. Bidding farewell to a large group of students, Ewha also welcomed 474 foreign exchange students from 29 countries and 203 international students for the fall semester.
On Aug. 25, undergraduates celebrated the final chapter of their university career, including summa cum laude Kim Sun-hee of elementary education and the youngest graduate 21-year-old Roostanto Stella Nikiko of international studies.
There were also many international students who said goodbye to Ewha. Two North Korean refugee students, 34 international students and three Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) scholarship students graduated with Ewha diploma.
During the ceremony, President Kim Hei-sook encouraged the graduating students to take their experiences at Ewha and apply them in the world.
“Ewha teaches students to discover individual values and self-esteem as a woman,” Kim said. “Through the difficulties of last year, students had to endure hardships in their respective positions. However, I hope such experience to serve as an important asset in students’ future.”
The graduating students also expressed mixed emotions of joy and sorrow.
“I’m glad to graduate Ewha without any regrets,” said Kim Seok-young, a graduate of the Division of International Studies. “I think I have grown a lot in many aspects and many of the classes, such as Women’s Studies which aided me to become who I am today. It made me aware of my identity as a woman and what this means in our society. Even when I go out to the society, Ewha’s teachings will always give me courage and comfort.”
Although many left Ewha and ventured out to the world, as the fall semester started, exchange students and international freshmen entered Ewha.
“Students came from many different countries including the U.S., Germany, France, Singapore and Japan.” said Im Hyun-chae, program coordinator of Office of International Affairs.
Students studying in the foreign exchange program and international freshmen incoming in the fall semester both made themselves at home at the dormitories starting from Aug. 28. Bustling with students moving in with large luggage bags, they unpacked their belongings.
“My first impression of Ewha is that its an individual environment,” said Erika Heikka, an exchange student from Finland. “I don’t mean it as a negative way, but since Korea is a new place with language barriers, learning to adjust to the new environment will be an opportunity for me to grow.”
She also expressed her passion to learn Korean.
“Studying at Ewha, I want to learn  as much Korean as I can,” said Heikka. “I heard the school taught Korean for many years so I want to be able to utilize it in everyday situations. I expect to improve my Korean much more before I go back.”


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