On Being a Woman, Acting like a Queen
On Being a Woman, Acting like a Queen
  • Coralie Lolliot
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We all aspire to be powerful and confident women. But in a man’s world, how can one achieve such bold journey smoothly? 
Thus, for all the wonder women reading this article, here are some personal tips for you to awaken the powerful female within yourself and enter this man’s world like a queen.
1. Self-love starts within yourself
The world nowadays has very little self-love to offer for women. Indeed, we are considered a weaker sex, a body part and primarily a sexual being. We are seen as bright but dispensable as we will at some point be expected to bear a child. Our youth is the measure of our worth and our age of our worthlessness. 
Thus, I urge you to not seek out the meaning of womanhood outside of yourself as you will not find any substance of value. Start instead by comprehending what you as a woman has to say. Your experience stands as a legitimate cause in explaining what womanhood means to you and for some other queens. Whether you wish be at home or become an athlete, your aspirations and what makes you fulfilled is enough to prescribe a meaning to what being a woman means to you and apply it into your lifestyle.
2. Block out negativity and stop looking for perfection
Block out the negativity about what you as a woman is and is expected to do. Let your positive spirit have a bigger voice within your mind and dream big without any gender stereotyped barriers. 
Do not forget that the most successful people have learnt to value positive thinking and have stopped looking for perfection. Instead they learned to educate their self-criticism in a way that makes this own personal voice one of their friends. Thus, step by step, learn to be your very best woman by thinking more positively about you as loved ones would do for you. 
Also, remember, today is a day where you are who you are, with your stories and feelings. Doing the best of what you can do is a success and being perseverant is the all-time perfection. Whether you’ve been doing, remember that the courage to keep going is the perfection. With this in mind, successful days within years and months will be pilling up quickly.
3. Seek out for failures
Forget about contemplating the meaning of life and instead ask what life is expecting from you. Failures will be part of the deal as well as successes. Seek failure and never stop reminding that in every failure there is a lesson to learn. Challenge yourself and wonder; will I come out better or bitter from this experience? With this in mind you will remain unstoppable and extend your breaking points.
4. Have some media literacy
As silly as it is, one hundred percent of what you see in the media when it comes to beauty has been modified through technological software. What you see is more of an illusion than a perception of reality. Thus, we have distorted images of what human bodies are meant to look like and you are the very one that can re-learn to see this reality again. Please don't waste your time trying to achieve something that does not exist. You are bigger than this. As a practice of detachment from the  illusions, have one free-make up day a week and repeat to yourself in the morning; ‘I am beautiful and my body is my kingdom.' 
5. Don’t be afraid to raise your voice
You are a woman and often discriminated for no reason. You are expected to work as hard as a man, take care of the family and stay pretty eternally. Don’t you believe that such continuous pressure makes you a powerful queen already? Such adversity has given you strength and courage. Thus, do not be afraid to raise your voice, demand for a better job, better pay, better respect from your loved ones. You are the very first one who knows what makes you happy, and therefore you are the very best to understand what, how, and when you need something. 
6. Own your physical being
We as women, have sexual lives and desires. Learn what you like, embrace what you desire and do not see any of these as a source of shame. Your nature is golden and should not be the source of any judgment. Whether you wish to fully embrace what makes you a female, stay a virgin or have multiple partners, be you and only you. This most intimate part of your spirit belongs to you not to the standards, norms and values of the society, family or friends. Learn from your body on your own or with your partner. This will make your intimacy much more comfortable, give you power over and understanding of your body while increasing your self-confidence.
Remember, communication, patience, mutual pleasure and respect are the key words to remember. Most importantly, always protect yourself and do not expect the man to do it for the both of you.
7. Remember 
Remember those words and never be afraid. This life is yours and you deserve to own it to the fullest.

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