Ewha’s presidential candidates: taking a closer look 2
Ewha’s presidential candidates: taking a closer look 2
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Chung’s illicit admission has damaged Ewha’s public image. How do you plan to restore Ewha’s image and status?

1. Kim Hei-sook

First of all, Ewha needs to make an official apology for disappointing the public’s expectations and damaging the fairness and educational justice in admissions. Based on this apology, Ewha needs to create a new image. Right now, there are two faces of Ewha: one tarnished by illicit admission and one righteous of Ewha’s value by not negotiating. We need to brush away the past through genuine apology and follow the latter one.

I believe I have contributed in the creation of a righteous Ewha. I may even dare to say I have, along with Ewha students, the symbolism of Ewha justice. Of course, this symbolism was not created solely by me but by all members of Ewha. Such symbolism is valuable to improving Ewha to become a university creating new values for the future, university focusing on openness, selfmotivation, and rationality, university based on participants’ trust and bond, university which alumnae and public are proud of.

2. Kang Hye-ryun

I believe that what is most necessary to improve our university’s image and stature is to create a university where members are satisfied and happy by recovering their pride. If we stop dwelling on external quantitative evaluations, focus on our inherent values and devote our time and effort on internal growth and regaining trust, the members will feel secure and further find happiness. If the members become happy, the quality of research and education will increase, and as people of Ewha find their pride Ewha will once again regain its stature.

Instead of hastily recovering Ewha’s fallen external image, we need to keep the veracity of Ewha’s spirit and share it together. To do this I will operate “Ewha Education Donation School” to meditate on Ewha’s mission of publicness and social role. The biggest victim of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the economically underprivileged. These people are likely to be fallen behind the most while technology is advancing rapidly. Therefore our university will utilize human, material, and educational infrastructure to provide customized education for the underprivileged. Professors, students, staff, alumni will all be participating.

3. Lee Kong-joo

To restore the public image of Ewha which was damaged greatly, I would actively promote the “Next Ewha,” shedding new light upon the change and revolution which took place last year. (I have proposed a “Remembering Ewha 2016” project, but is postponed as it may be difficult for students to remember such memory.)

I will run a crisis management team at all times, including crisis communication, to spread a social image of Ewha to the public and make sure that professional action can take place in need. Also, through Ewha Future Network, human resources from various fields will be secured, which would enable active action during crisis.

4. Kim Gyeung-min

There are five tasks to be focused on in order to achieve Ewha’s Renaissance. 1. Abiding by law and rule. 2. Delegation of authority and decentralizing authority. 3. University management and specialization in administration. 4. Student welfare and safety. 5. Convergence leadership.

5. Kim Sung-jin

To enhance Ewha’s new image and status, Ewha Womans University needs to reestablish university culture as an ethical academic community. I will take to heart how Ewha, as Korea’s representative education organization, is responsible to the society, continuously supervise admissions and academic affairs so that such problems do not arise again, and put in effort to make improvements that complement them.

For this, I will establish and invigorate a communication organization where all members of Ewha can participate, along with searching for democratic university operating system measures that will become the model for other universities. Also, I will fulfill my obligations to the society by nurturing outstanding students succeeding Ewha’s spirit, founded on Christian love and realization of service, and by the nation-best medical center. Although, in short term, such efforts cannot be properly acknowledged, if all Ewha members try their best, Ewha’s tradition and value will be recognized.

6. Choi Won-ja

As Ewha’s vision is “Achieving Ewha’s future mission through social contribution,” I believe we must have sense of devote duty for the local community, the underprivileged, and crises of the country, empathize with the hardships and find a solution together.

Ewha has stirred controversy regarding Kim Hwal-ran’s pro-Japanese activities and statue. I believe that recording her faults and not only her contributions is the right thing to do. I also believe that we should pay off her errors through our devotion to minorities, which directs to my sixth pledge; I will propose the expansion of social consideration selection and their scholarship opportunities. I will also elevate community service. Ewha must not stay inside, but empathize the pain of the community and country and share its joy to raise our prestige. 

7. Kim Eun-mee

I believe the school’s public image changes only after inner transformation within Ewha takes place. Therefore, reflections on Ewha’s wrongdoings and continuous effort to improve any problematic system and practice is needed. In order to change Ewha back to a university which remains true to its principles, institutionalization of communication between school members and strengthening law so that every member manages school with the same principles needs to be addressed first. Publicly, there needs to be efforts to inform others that there are inner movements to transform Ewha, straightening out misunderstandings about the school derived from last year. Moreover, starting socially responsible activities, such as establishing business to support health and education of the women in vulnerable social group, would help restore Ewha’s relations with the rest of the society. In the process, the function of Communications would need to be improved, along with informing others of school’s achievements that could establish a positive image of Ewha.

8. Lee Hyang-sook

In order to overcome difficulties and reestablish Ewha’s status, we need to realize <Recovery of Ewha’s community spirit, democratic communication, and decision making participation changes>

Restore Ewha’s honor: 1. Development and promotion of Ewha’s contribution to the society through communication. 2. Active participation and development of public interest services.

Ewha’s unification and communication: 1. Communication platform for everyone at Ewha (SAY EWHA): enable democratic communication within Ewha through sharing accurate information and conversation for development. 2. Cooperation and communication for professors, workers, students, and alumnae. 3. Rename the Public Relations Team to Communications Center and create internal communications team and society communications team to further activate communication and achieve balanced development of both offline and online communication.

Restore Ewha’s community spirit: 1. Aim for growth into Ewhain who realizes Christian spirit and values through Jinsunmi Festival. 2. Research into new content for Ewha Chapel. 3. Develop enjoyable Ewha’s history content and open new media exhibitions every year.

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