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Open policy debates: Presidential candidates on their plans for the future 1
2017년 05월 25일 (목) 22:47:48 Kim Yun-young yunyoungk@ewhain.net

In accordance with the rules of the direct electoral system, eight candidates came together in five open policy debates to discuss their plans for the school. By decision of the Election Commission, comprised of three professors, two staff, two students, two alumnae, and one board member, bulletin boards introducing the candidates were set up throughout campus. The campaigning was strictly limited to the official website (http:// my.ewha.ac.kr/election16/) and bulletin boards managed by the Election Commission, to prevent an overheated campaign and ensure the election be centered on policy. The open policy debates were each dedicated to specific school members: May 11 for alumnae, May 12 for students, May 15 for staff, and May 17 and 19 for professors. On May 12, candidates answered 10 predetermined questions based on the six demands proposed at the student General Assembly. The questions were as follow: What is each candidate’s stance on 1. the student voting ratio of 8.5 percent; 2. the composition of the university senate; 3. the Committee of Tuition Deliberation; 4. school finances; 5. the insufficient number of full-time teaching staff; 6. the current grading system; 7. insufficient on-campus space for student activity; 8. school support for graduate students with children; 9. basic rights of graduate students; and 10. recognition of the Student Government Association in graduate schools. Candidates were given 30 seconds to question one other candidate, who was given 90 seconds to respond. Attending students then questioned candidates on their policies. During the Daedong festival, the Student Central Operating Committee put up a board comparing the policies of each candidate. The total electorate will include 988 professors, 270 staff, 15,157 undergraduates, 7,424 graduate students, and 1,020 alumnae. Undergraduates under exchange programs abroad, and staff and students on leave of absence as of May 1 are excluded from the electorates.


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