San Francisco Bay Area, modern day nerve center for feminism 2
San Francisco Bay Area, modern day nerve center for feminism 2
  • Lee Tae-hee
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Double Union, a makerspace haven from mansplain

In male dominated fields like the tech industry, “mansplain,” the portmanteau word of “man” and “explain” that describes the condescending attitude a man might take when explaining things to a woman, is one of the most problematic attitudes that have been oppressing women in the field. Acknowledging the necessity for women to work in an area free of mansplain, Double Union provides a hacker-makerspace built on feminist philosophy.
During the feminist unconference AdaCamp in June 2013, a group of women technicians experienced the anti-harassment policy that enabled anyone displaying qualifying behavior to be expelled, leading to a positive atmosphere. Wanting to create a space like AdaCamp all year round, several women participants of the conference came up with the idea of establishing a comfortable and welcoming creator space for women to work. This mindset developed into the present-day Double Union created by Valerie Aurora, Amelia Greenhall, and Liz Henry. Originally starting as a member-only space in Oct. 2013, Double Union has changed and been taking applications for new members since Oct. 2015.
Inside the safe walls of Double Union in Potrero Hill of San Francisco, the organization provides their members with various tools. Packed with everything from silk screening tools, 3D printers, Computerized Numerical Controls and soldering irons to sewing machines, fiber art tools, zine making tools, button makers and more, members are given a free space to code, use power tools and draw.


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